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Being Taught to Hate Works Well

I felt a twinge of hatred on Saturday.  Pure.  Unadulterated. ...

Gimme a break!

The comfy old American plea "Gimme a break!" has been...

Done anything for your great grandchildren lately?

Unless you're a member of the Khasi tribe, your answer...
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I’ve enjoyed a lifetime of gratifying collaborations: producing “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”, advising philanthropists and corporations on their charitable giving, creating strategy for health care organizations, developing computer-based psychotherapy services, advising companies on organizational development and change-management, managing strategy for a brain-monitoring medical device company, and, finally, serving as executive coach to senior leaders. I have also founded or co-founded some non-profit service organizations of which I’m proud.

Being Fred Rogers’ friend and partner early on (I was president of the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood company and wrote a number of the programs with him) dramatically deepened my understanding of what it means to bring out the best in others. Consequently, I have adopted a favorite definition of love: “to yearn for the fulfillment of another person on their own terms”.  I hope that my writing reflects such a view.