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Who Can Best Fake Fred Rogers’ Sincerity?

With the recent announcement of “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, an impending biopic on Fred Rogers, the internet lit up with suggestions of what actor might play him in the film.  It would be dangerously easy to underestimate this … Continue reading

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Pressure Cookers Kill Political Courage, Too

However tragic the effects of a pressure cooker filled with explosive powder and shrapnel, there is a worse way to use one: cook elected officials to death. That’s the effect of the gun-lobby pressure cooker where they turn up the … Continue reading

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How to Wreck an Opera-goer’s Experience

You have to figure that when a composer requests that you not applaud his creation, there’s probably a reason that has nothing to do with humility.  That is why my maiden voyage to the Metropolitan Opera’s cinematic display of live … Continue reading

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Chicken Little Was Right: “Skyfall” Falls With A Thud

Thanks to a friend who is a judge for the Oscars, we sat by the fireside last night and watched a judges’ DVD edition of “Skyfall”, the latest of the long-running James Bond franchise.  The DVD begins with the usual … Continue reading

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Massacres Aid Gunmakers’ Business

To the Editor of the New York Times: Unfortunately you have it precisely backwards in your 12/29/12 Editorial’s closing line, “…gunmakers have apparently decided that the risk of an occasional massacre is part of the cost of doing business.”  Please … Continue reading

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Supreme Court to hear same-sex marriage issue

[LTE to Washington Post 12/9/12] To the Editor: John Eastman, chairman of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, anticipates that the Supreme Court will uphold anti-gay-marriage laws  “…based on the principle that voters hold the ultimate power over … Continue reading

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LTE to NYT regarding Supreme Court on Gay Marriage

To the Editor of The New York Times: [In re: “Justices to Hear Two Challenges on Gay Marriage” 12/8/12] Mr. Brown of the National Organization for Marriage has it exactly backwards in claiming, “What’s at stake is whether the Constitution … Continue reading

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Discovering Why Mitt Romney Lies So Much

Mitt.  Oh, Mitt.  Whatever became of you, anyhow?  How did you go from being the guy I voted for as governor of Massachusetts to a guy who is this unrepentant and embarrassing liar?  I just feel so sad to see … Continue reading

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Romney Re-floats the Swift Boat

With his blatantly dishonest “Jeep” ad accusing President Obama of ruining the American auto industry, Governor Romney has pulled out the last desperate arrow in his quiver: the Swift-Boat tactic. You will recall that during the 2004 presidential campaign, a … Continue reading

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You Probably Missed the Obama/Romney Debates

While an impressive-sounding 70,000,000 million Americans viewed the presidential debates on TV, that means twice as many registered voters (137,000,000) did NOT see the debates.  As a public service to them, I present below my summary of what they missed. … Continue reading

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