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LTE to NYT regarding Supreme Court on Gay Marriage

To the Editor of The New York Times: [In re: “Justices to Hear Two Challenges on Gay Marriage” 12/8/12] Mr. Brown of the National Organization for Marriage has it exactly backwards in claiming, “What’s at stake is whether the Constitution … Continue reading

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Discovering Why Mitt Romney Lies So Much

Mitt.  Oh, Mitt.  Whatever became of you, anyhow?  How did you go from being the guy I voted for as governor of Massachusetts to a guy who is this unrepentant and embarrassing liar?  I just feel so sad to see … Continue reading

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Romney Re-floats the Swift Boat

With his blatantly dishonest “Jeep” ad accusing President Obama of ruining the American auto industry, Governor Romney has pulled out the last desperate arrow in his quiver: the Swift-Boat tactic. You will recall that during the 2004 presidential campaign, a … Continue reading

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You Probably Missed the Obama/Romney Debates

While an impressive-sounding 70,000,000 million Americans viewed the presidential debates on TV, that means twice as many registered voters (137,000,000) did NOT see the debates.  As a public service to them, I present below my summary of what they missed. … Continue reading

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Governor Romney Channels Prof. Harold Hill

Okay, so here’s a really painless way to understand what Governor Romney is up to.  Just get your hands on a DVD of “The Music Man” and settle back for an entertaining lesson in flimflamming the rubes. Right at the … Continue reading

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LTE to Washington Post 10-23-12

To the Editor: Governor Romney reminded us all that these are “uncertain” times.  No doubt he figured that this would prove him the perfect candidate right now, since his say-anything plans and policies are nothing if not uncertain.

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Obama to Romney: A Nation is Not Like A Company

Smooth-talking, good-looking Mitt Romney made a forceful depiction of both the failure of President Obama to keep Candidate Obama’s promises to improve the economy, and of his own presumed knowledge of how to create jobs that will heal our economy.  … Continue reading

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Romney’s Phony Bipartisanship: published in NYT 10/12/12

To the Editor: Paul D. Ryan’s touting of Mitt Romney’s wonderful record of bipartisan cooperation with the 87 percent Democratic Massachusetts Legislature when he was governor gives credit to the wrong party. The applause should go to the Democratic Legislature, … Continue reading

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Redefine Marriage? Well, Certainly!

When the framers of our Constitution defined “voter”, here is what they prescribed: white male property owners. Oops. Guess that leaves out a lot of the people you know and love, right? So over time, we wised up as a … Continue reading

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Voter Suppression is Treason

Voter suppression is treason. Yes, that’s what I said: treason. I know that is an extreme word. There are few words in the English language uglier than “treason.” It strikes at the gut, triggers a shiver of revulsion, prompts incredulity. … Continue reading

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